Social Media Networking Publicity Party: An Affair to Remember

Celebrate! LIVE Music
Network with Joy Publicity, Influencers & Friends
Mastermind, Interviews, Joint Ventures & Photos

Twittertinis, Pool*, Potluck, Pizza & Pickle Party

Fun Network Party “Wetworking”  ❤️  Build Your Business Circle  ❤️  Create Social Media Content  ❤️ 9th Party TBA

A Social Media Networking Publicity Party like none other. BY PERSONAL INVITATION ONLY

Joy Publicity’s Ninth Social Media Networking Publicity Party. Live music, photographers, videographers, drones, and influencers for your pleasure and success. The most important outcome for you is the friendships you tighten, the joint ventures you build, and the impact on your business.

LOCATION: 1 Mile of I-15 South of Corona, North of Temecula
San Diego & OC Airports 60 Minutes
Long Beach Airport 75 Minutes
Ontario Airport 45 Minutes
LAX 90 Minutes
Holiday Inn Express 5 Miles
Temecula Winery Resorts 25 Miles

*Pool Party depends on the weather. Some braves souls always jump in. Usually, only a fourth of the social media networking party guests swim. Those that swim, say they’re wetworking. Although we have had over 100 at weddings and 75 at our Publicity Parties, we prefer smaller gatherings. Limited to 50 friends.

The Fisher home is on a country dirt road. Don’t wash your car on the way. 

Sponsored by Jeanette JOY Fisher, Joy Publications™, One Movement® & PickledPink.Pro™. Joy Publicity helps entrepreneurs build their business by driving traffic to their websites via Content Marketing, Social Media Broadcasting, and Publicity. Joy Publications helps entrepreneurs publish digital and print books and magazines. One Movement helps small business thrive and grow to save local economies. Pickled Pink Pro Celebrates All Things Pickled.

Social Media Networking Publicity Party Drinks


Titos & Blue Liquor Cherries Optional
Social Media Networking Publicity Party Pot Luck Food

Pot Luck

Social Media Networking Publicity Party Pool

Swim Party

Social Media Networking Publicity Party View

Picture Perfect Backdrop

Social Media Networking Publicity Party Sunset

Sunsets Not Guaranteed

Social Media Networking Publicity Party Toast

Everyone Always Has a Great Time