Content Creation Publicity Party
Join CEO Space & Friends for Networking, Mastermind, Interviews, Twittertini, Pool*, Potluck & Photo Party

Fun Network Party “Wetworking”  ❤️  Build Your Business Circle  ❤️  Create Social Media Content  ❤️ APRIL 21, 2018*

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April 21, is also Graduation Celebration for Prosperity Publicity Workshop Experience

(*Pool Party depends on weather. Some braves souls always jump in.)

Live music, photographers, videographers, drones, and influencers for your pleasure and networking. The most important outcome for you is the friendships you tighten, the joint ventures you build, and the impact on your business.


Ammunition Wine Tasting


Six Awesome Wines


Titos & Blue Liquor Cherries Optional    

Swim Party

Picture Perfect Backdrop

Sunsets Not Guaranteed

Everyone Always Has a Great Time