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Get Ready for the Content Marketing Machine & Joy Publicity Plan

Catapult Your Online Presence with Content Marketing & a Publicity Plan

Let’s talk and make a personalized Publicity Plan including content marketing and social media. Many entrepreneurs can jump on right now and explode their business. Others may learn one new idea from us to open up their market. And, a few may need to start by building or redesigning a website. No matter where you are in your business, we help you take action in the right direction.

Become a Joy Publications Columnist and upload your content to one or more of our websitesBut, you don’t need to do all the Social Media by yourself. Let us make your business life easier and more effective. We publicize your content on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, and YouTube.

Let’s talk! Book that Free 15 Minute Interview!  <– Talk to Jeanette JOY & Make a Custom Publicity Plan for Your Business. You get the Publicity Plan whether or not you join our Joy Publicity Program, which includes:

Business Webinars— get the information you need now to fast track your business and get more people saying “Yes!”

Publicity Parties—mix and mingle with successful entrepreneurs for connections and prospects.

Recognition as a Columnist—expand your authority and exposure to increase your income. 

Content Marketing (daily, with backlinks to your websites)—and Google LOVES backlinks and ranks you higher—so you are seen by more people who are looking for what you offer!

Social Media Broadcasting from our Influencer Accounts—make a big impression—fast—so you get the results you want fast!

Please understand, we have standard qualifications for columnists. You must be pre-approved. Each website has different types of content. Some were purposely designed to make Content Marketing easy and quick.

We reserve the right to change all monthly prices unless prepaid.


To help you reach your peak potential, we offer amazing business support & Webinar Training

Don’t be left out. Get your content marketing with a customized publicity plan. Make sure you have the business skills needed to build a million dollar company.

There seems to be a disconnect between Business Building Conferences and Internet Marketing Conferences. Business Building Conferences offer business strategies and leave out internet marketing help. Internet Marketing Conferences teach about building websites, traffic and conversions, content marketing, and social media. Joy Publicity bridges that gap for you by teaching Business Best Practices and Strategies, Content Marketing, and Social Media Relationship Marketing.

All of our webinars and training are included with your Joy Publicity Membership. Even if you don’t join our Publicity Program, many of our webinars are open to all because we believe in helping entrepreneurs prosper.

Please note, we can only open Joy Publicity Membership accounts for a few businesses each week.

We reserve the right to change all monthly plans unless prepaid.

There are no payment buttons below because we need to talk to you first and make sure you are ready for publicity.

Prices reflect introductory discounts and will rise when our Content Sites generate traffic on their own. Currently, our social media publicity directs traffic and generates sales. 

Many of our websites date back to the early 2000s and have been redesigned.

Business Building Webinars Included with all Publicity Plans

Presented Most Weeks Except for CEO Space Conference Dates
We want you to be happy, look great, and succeed in your business. As a former college instructor, Jeanette JOY presents information in a clear, concise method so you learn and implement quickly. 

1. The Eight Elements of Your Being
Get your life balanced for the most effective business outcome.

2. The Eight Elements of a Million Dollar Business
Balance your business for a million dollars a year profit.

3. The Eight Powerful Steps to Wealth
Follow the success of the super rich.

4. The Buyer’s Experience Journey
Check your customers’ experience in your system to make adjustments.

5. Content Marketing Mastery
Learn how to run a lean, mean, content machine!

6. Social Media Marketing
The truth about Twitter and other social media platforms.

7. Attraction Marketing
Find out how to attract and keep clients with Marketing Psychology.

8. How to Write Well & Stop Embarrassing Yourself
Learn from English teachers and professional writers the best practices for online writing.